What I’m Reading Right Now

A new online newspaper called The Chairman’s Bao.

A short explanation of the name:

If you’re new to all things China, Chairman Mao Zedong is an important figure in modern Chinese history.

Bao, or 报,is part of 报纸 (baozhi, newspaper) or 日报 (ribao, daily paper).

The people behind The Chairman’s Bao are experienced HSK tutors. The site is still fairly new, but you can already explore many articles that are each rated with specific HSK levels. If you are bored with the escapades of Wang Peng and Li You (of Integrated Chinese fame), or want to see which HSK level you would rank, spend some time readying their articles. Topics range from science and technology to life in China, economics, to random funny stories like this recent article, “Restaurant Gives Free Food to Beautiful People.”

Each article comes with a vocabulary list at the end, and you can mouse over any characters you don’t know for an instant translation. If you like you can create an account to build a personalized vocabulary list. They are admittedly still working out some tech issues- there is a listening function with every article that I couldn’t get to load properly- but TCB is certainly a promising new tool for Chinese learners around the world.

If you’re interested in learning more about living and working in China, reach out to us here or check out our website


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