Suzhou: Venice of the East

There’s no doubt that Suzhou is one of the most beautiful places in China. As a child, I’ve always known of Suzhou through my family and Chinese historic/period drama. Since arriving in Shanghai, Suzhou has always been on top of my ‘to do list’. Saturday was surely a memorable day.

Having booked my ticket beforehand, I underestimated how long it would take to collect my ticket at the train station, unfortunately, I missed my train! However, luckily I was able to take the next train within 30 minutes at no extra cost. The comfortable train ride from Hongqiao Railway Station to Suzhou was a mere 25 minutes.

Having arrived in Suzhou Station at around 10AM, I took a taxi straight for the Humble Administrator’s Garden, one of China’s most famous garden. The size and magnificent landscape of the garden was absolutely extraordinary, and certainly not humble.

Humble Administrator's Garden

Humble Administrator’s Garden

After spending close to two hours exploring every part of the garden, I headed for the nearby Ping Jiang Rd for lunch. The Suzhou Museum is situated right beside Humble Administrator’s Garden, however, the waiting line was extremely long, so I decided not to go.

Ping Jiang Rd

Ping Jiang Rd

There are many watertowns that surround Suzhou including ZhouZhuang and Tongli. If you have time be sure to check these places out! Due to my time restriction, I was only able to visit Shantang Street, a beautiful riverside pedestrian road with plenty of shops and food stalls. I headed back to Shanghai after dinner at a local restaurant.

ShanTang Street

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