Grocery Day!

For those of you wondering about the cost of living in China, wonder no more! Andrew Crook, our director of operations here at GoGlobal, lives in Shanghai, one of the biggest and most expensive cities in China. Here are some pictures he took over the weekend at a local supermarket.

Veggies and fruit


(null)Oranges (1kg)     =    $1.70
Broccoli (1 head) =      70¢
Apples (1 kg)      =   $1.80


IMG_1220     Potato (1 kg) = 90¢
Lettuce (1 head) =70¢

Snacks and Beverages      

Oreo (family pack) = $2.60
Ahoy Chips (family pack) = $2.40 USD

 IMG_1208   IMG_1207


Coca Cola and Pepsi (1 can) = 33¢ each
Coca Cola (1 box) = $1.83


Domestic Beer (0.5 litre) = $1.21
Imported Beer (0.33 litre) = $3.20
Bottle of Imported Wine= $10 

Other Living Essentials

IMG_1214   Tide = $5.70

Pantene Shampoo = $4.74

IMG_1217Kleenex Toilet Paper =$5.00

We hope this post can give you a general idea of cost and accessibility of grocery shopping in China. Note: Prices are converted from Chinese Yuan to U.S. Dollars (currency rates as of November 2014).

China is definitely affordable! You can find out more about living in China by exploring this blog. If you’re interested in teaching in China, please visit us at our website.


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